Around the world, people of African origin are undoubtedly enterprising, creative, and innovative. The medical, scientific, technological, social, and commercial fields are just a few of the many domains where Black Innovators have had a tremendous impact. Internationally, Black culture keeps reinventing itself and enriching humanity in countless ways. However, far too often, Black Innovation goes unrecognized, unappreciated, or misappropriated, and Black contributions to the world go unacknowledged.

June is ideal for Black Innovation Month. The 30th of June is recognized by the African Union as the Day of Africa‘s Scientific Renaissance, ending the month in perfect alignment with Black Innovation Month’s mission. In America, the celebrations of Juneteenth, now a federal holiday, commemorate June 19, 1865, the day African-American slaves still in bondage two years after President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation were freed. June is also African American Music Appreciation Month, a celebration formerly called National Black Music Month, created by President Jimmy Carter in 1979. June is also National Caribbean American Heritage Month as proclaimed by President Joseph R. Biden on May 31st, 2023.

We do acknowledge that the term Black Innovation is undoubtedly going to generate some controversy since not everyone from the African diaspora nor all Africans living on the African Continent identify as Black or are ethnically Black. We also realize other races may feel excluded. The Black Innovation Month Team, by no means, intends to exclude any groups but embrace the countless unaccounted-for Black Innovators and invite all races to ally and celebrate them with us.

This initiative is meant to include the unsung, underappreciated, and underrepresented in the pantheon of all who have made contributions to humanity. We are joining forces to highlight, support, and inspire past, present, and potential Black Innovators around the world who, despite all the trials and tribulations, continue to succeed, thrive, and innovate.

We invite organizers from across the globe to submit Black Innovation related events to Black Innovation Month. All approved events will be posted alongside our featured events.

We invite people of all backgrounds to join the Black Innovation Month initiative in celebrating the many contributions Black Innovators have made to society, the world, and humanity.

Let it be known and observed from now on that the month of June is Black Innovation Month!
This proclamation is designed to ensure that Black Innovators around the Globe, from all walks of life and all industries are highlighted, celebrated, and supported throughout the month.